Transform Your Space With Home Interior Renovations

Maximize your market value with home interior renovations from Well Staged Home in Englewood, New Jersey. Our expert arrangement of furnishings and accessories will accentuate the assets of each room. You can also use our home decorating expertise to create a welcoming atmosphere for an elegant dinner party or a less formal gathering of friends that your guests will remember.

Interior Design Renovations

With the right combination of colors, textures, and lighting, we will create an environment that is appropriate for your needs and sets the mood you want. Whether you have a commercial property to market, a professional office to design, or a retail establishment that needs a "merchandising makeover" to increase sales, the Well Staged Home will catapult your business's image and awareness in the marketplace, from design of a physical space through the creative development of all marketing vehicles.

Living Room and Stairway

Downsizing Your Home

Do you no longer need the dining table that seats 8? Are you scaling down from multiple bedrooms to one? Do you want to figure out how to minimize clutter? Well Staged Home understands the special needs of empty nesters and seniors who are transitioning to smaller homes or senior communities. These transitions can be challenging, but we can help you simplify without sacrificing comfort or style.

The staff at Well Staged Home will help you sort out what you need to keep, and then create a design appropriate for your new surroundings. Our experts are skilled in finding high-quality furnishings at moderate prices, and then presenting a charming arrangement for your new home. If you have a parent who needs help scaling down, Well Staged Home can help develop a solution unique to their needs. Contact us for an on-site consultation.

Before and After

Before and After Renovation

We cleaned out, gutted, painted and re-carpeted this very cluttered home. Look at the difference!


Before and After Renovation

A brand new home's living room and dining room staged beautifully!


Before & After Renovation

Clean up your home office to sell or just enjoy!